Personal training with Austin is an amazing experience. His knowledge of fitness and bodies is seriously incredible. It is almost as if he can 'sense' what your body can do. As a result, I have achieved personal goals and fitness levels that I did not even understand I was capable of. That plus his unwavering positive attitude, sense of fun and real love for his profession and his clients make training with him a life must. - -Rose H

Austin is an AMAZING trainer! He is innovative, fun, and responsive to your fitness needs. He truly loves what he does. I've run into him at bookstores and coffee shops on a number of occasions, and he's always devouring more information on fitness, health, veganism... You will NEVER regret a workout with Austin (that is, not unless you go for a PR of 500 walking lunges...) - - Erica L

A couple years ago, I was in a bind. I needed to get bikini-ready, without aggravating two previous injuries, and fast. Oh, and I wanted it to be fun. I needed an extremely knowledgeable, appropriately cautious, super effective personal trainer. And I found him!By training with Austin 3 times per week, I reached my body fat, weight, and skimpy-bikini-rockin' goals a few weeks ahead of schedule, increased my strength and endurance, and laughed my way through nearly every session. In every way, Austin delivered, and I heartily recommend him to anyone seeking to create positive change in their body, their life, and their physique. Austin Barbisch is, hands down, the best trainer in town. - - Dana W

I am a long distance runner and weight lifter. But wanted to focus more on lifting. I live in RI and Austin was in FL at the time. I contacted him to see if he could help. He asked me if I wanted to be a part of the Vegan Beef team and to compete in a show in Miami. I did and I placed 2nd in Masters physique. Austin gave me workout plans and meal plans and we talked weekly, did videos and pictures. He is an awesome, fun, caring person who is very passionate in what he does which reflects on his training and his own goals and successes. He was not only my trainer but my friend and continues to be today. If I have any questions he is always happy to give me advice. - - Cheryl C.

Austin is one of the most knowledgable trainers out there. He is motivating and also maintains top physical strength of his own which is impressive. He always has a friendly and positive attitude as well! - - 
Elana P

Austin has helped me get stronger and fitter! He is great at motivating and encouraging me and I never would have achieved what I have on my own - - Helen D
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